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Dinner and dance, a formal social gathering that includes a dinner followed by dancing and with lots entertainment.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a managing staff in a large multinational company hosting a dinner and dance party is an ideal way to gather colleagues and maybe even clients. Look help in to Alkalom Eclat an event planning company that shows how you can plan a memorable dinner and dance party filled with food, drinks, conversation and entertainment!!! Companies large and small organised one special night to gather colleagues and reward staff for the good work they have contributed for the year, with some long-service awards and many other prizes thrown into the mix as well.

Planning a truly memorable party requires some serious thought beforehand and that's where Alkalom Eclat is here to help to plan and execute your remarkable night. Planning from your stage performances like comedy acts, fun awards, lucky draw, and the like, not forgetting an experienced emcee as well.In our experienced event planning field we tend to get speeches and ceremonies to be done within the first third of the night, leaving another third for entertainment and the remainder of the time for mingling, which gets the staffs to get to know one another or with a client.

A dinner and dance should always think about the amount of guest that would be attending followed by a suitable venue to accommodate them best prefer with a specific theme. Also having a themed dinner and dance are always fun for employees as they get to decide who they’d like to be dressing up for the night. Getting a good catering for the event is also what a perfect dinner and dance would need to for guest to refresh themselves also , we are trained to handle functions, so there are no worries about delivery and execution of food and drinks. Additionally, Alkalom Eclat has a wide variety of packages to suit our clients budgets and needs, providing various options for different types of budgets.

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