Malay Literary Awards Ceremony 2017

11:19 AM
Upcoming on the 28th of October 2017
The Anugerah Persuratan is the most important literary award in the Malay literary community in
Singapore. It gives recognition to Singapore’s literary talents and plays an important role in shaping
and creating awareness of Singapore writers and works in Singapore and beyond. The organisation
and awarding of Anugerah Persuratan is also an important national initiative by Malay Language
Council of Singapore (MLCS)) (Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim is the chair of MLCS).
The Anugerah Persuratan is the only award in the vernacular language track that acknowledges and
recognises Malay writers’ contribution to the scene and the community.

Organised by the National Arts Council and proudly managed by Alkalom Eclat

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